How many times more basic is a solution with a pH of 10 than a solution

How many times more basic is a solution with a pH of 10 than a solution with a pH of 8 
a. A pH of 10 is two times as basic 
b. A pH of 8 is two times as basic 
c. A pH of 10 is 2,000 times as basic 
d. A pH of 8 is 20 times as basic 
e. A pH of 10 is 100 times as basic

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Solution 1

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you may want to ask the questions seperatly more likely for someone to answer

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The combination of units written kg·m/s2 can be used for which of the following?
A. acceleration
B. mass
C. force
D. weight
Solution 1
C. force because the force able to communicate to a mass of one kilogram an accerelation of 1m/s²
F= -------------
Solution 2

The combination of units written kg· [tex]m/s^{2}[/tex]can be used for force.

What is force?

A force is just a factor that can impact an object's motion. A force may cause a mass item to accelerate by changing its velocity. A push as well as a pull can also be used to describe forces. A force is a vector quantity even though it has both magnitude , direction as well. It can be denoted by the symbol F.

The formula of force (F) = m×a.

where, m is mass of the particle and a is acceleration. It is known that unit of mass is kg and acceleration is [tex]m/s^{2}[/tex].

Now, put the unit of given data in above formula.

F= kg×[tex]m/s^{2}[/tex].

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What is an ion?
in chemistry
Solution 1
an atom with a charge
Solution 2
an ion is a atom that is charged.
A car accelerates from 15 m/s to 25 m/s in 15 s. What is the car's acceleration?
Solution 1
Acceleration = (change in speed) / (time for the change)

Change in speed = (25 - 15) = 10 m/s
Time = 15 s

Acceleration = 10/15 = 2/3 m/s
Which of these follows a cyclical pattern?
A. sunspot maxima and minima
B. condensation of a nebula
C. formation of a crater
D. formation of a black hole
Solution 1
The number of sunspots, observed during the past 300 years or so,
has been found to vary up and down in a cycle of very very roughly 
about 11 years.
Please help. What mass of copper is required to replace silver from 4.00g of silver nitrate dissolved in water? I found the molar mass of all of them but don't know where to go from there
Solution 1

It's importaint to first set up the equation. 2AgNO3+Cu--->Cu(NO3)2+2Ag this will dtermine whether you need to divide by two when you divide the moler mass of silver nitrate with 4g to find the amout of moles.023547419, then you divide by two and multiply by the molor mass of CU(NO3)2 and you should get your answer. I got 2.208grams. (please tell me if i'm wrong, going to be an AP Chemistry student.), i copyed myself so don't ban me.
Solution 2


0.7479 grams of copper is required to replace 4.00 grams of silver nitrate.


[tex]Cu+2AgNO_3\rightarrow Cu(NO_3)_2+2Ag[/tex]

Moles of silver nitrate = [tex]\frac{4.00 g}{169.87 g/mol}=0.0235 mol[/tex]

According to reaction 2 moles of silver nitrate reacts with 1 mole of copper metal.

Then 0.02354 moles of silver nitrate will react with:

[tex]\frac{1}{2}\times 0.0235 mol=0.01177 mol[/tex]

Mass of 0.01177 moles copper =0.01177 mol × 63.55 g/mol = 0.7479 g

0.7479 grams of copper is required to replace 4.00 grams of silver nitrate.

What is the acceleration of a 9.6-kg rock if gravity pulls it downward, but air resistance pushes upward with a force of 2.8 N?
Solution 1
OK, so the downward force on the rock is mg (force of g) - 2.8N (force in opposite direction). since mg (9.6 kg*9.8 m/s^2)= 94.08 N, then mg-2.8= 91.28 N. That is your net force on the rock (or total force). And, since f=ma, a= f/m.
so, a= 91.28 N / 9.6 kg = 9.5 m/s^2.(final answer)
Which statement describes how electric charges affect each other?
1. positive and negative charges repel
2. two positive charges attract
3. two negative charges attract
4. positive and negative charges attract
Solution 1

4, why you need to post this it's too dang easy, I thought this was going to be chanlanging. remember eletrons go around a nucleus for a reason.
which of the following is a strong base?

A. NH3
B. Aniline
D. acetate ion
Solution 1
C. NaOH ammmonia is also an base but not as strong as NaOH
A higher than normal high tide is called
A. a spring tide.
B. a neap tide.
C. a breaker.
D. the tidal range.
Solution 1
It is called a spring tide
Which of the following is a star that expands due to fusion?
A. black hole
B. galaxy
C. constellation
D. supergiant
Solution 1
D. Supergiant.
A black hole is a point in space that has such a high gravitational pull, it even sucks light from the places around it. A galaxy is a cluster of stars and space debris. A constellation is a pattern found in the stars to make a shape.
Solution 2
A).  No.  A black hole is super contracted, not expanded.

B).  No.  A galaxy is a collection of billions and billions of stars.

C).  No.  A constellation is just some stars that happen to be
             near each other in our sky.

D).  Yes.  A supergiant used to be a normal star but has expanded giantly.